OBAMA IGNORES POLICE REQUEST – Won’t Turn White House ‘Blue’ In Honor Of Slain Dallas Officers

The White House has changed color quite a few times over the years.

It was illuminated pink in March of 2013 in honor of breast cancer awareness month. It was illuminated with rainbow colors when same sex marriage was legalized.

And what about when law enforcement suffered their worst day since 9/11 due to the Black Lives Matter inspired massacre in Dallas last week? Nothing.

Via The Gateway Pundit

The request to light the White House in blue was made in a statement released Friday by Jon Adler, president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association.

“”While we appreciate the President’s proclamation to have our flag flown at half-mast in honor of our fallen Dallas police heroes, I respectfully request that he demonstrate his full respect for their ultimate sacrifice by illuminating the White House in blue. Actions speak louder than scripted words, and the honorable act of displaying law enforcement’s ‘Thin Blue Line’ at the White House would demonstrate the President’s sincere commitment to our fallen heroes and their families.”

The complete text of the statement can be read at Police Magazine.

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott ordered the Governor’s Mansion in Austin illuminated in blue following the massacre of the Dallas officers.


Here’s some perspective:

White House Purple Fake

It should be pretty clear what Obama’s priorities are.

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