Obama Illegal Alien MURDERED 14-Year-Old American Child; Pleads Guilty Will Cost Taxpayers Millions

Jose Rodriguez-Nunez is a 27-year-old illegal alien who also happens to be a gang member. He went by the name “Killer” and he just pled guilty in the federal court to racketeering crimes and accessory to the murder of a teenage boy in Maryland.

So much for the argument that all immigrants, let alone illegals, are peaceful people just going about their business. I hear Donald Trump in the background yelling, “I told you so.”

In a press release from the justice Department they said,

“According to his plea agreement, beginning in 2010, Rodriguez-Nunez conspired with members and associates of MS-13 to engage in crimes to further the interests of the gang, including murder, assault, robbery, extortion by threat of violence, obstruction of justice, witness tampering and witness retaliation.

Specifically, Rodriguez-Nunez admitted to his role as the driver in a drive-by shooting on Dec. 5, 2012, in which another MS-13 member shot at three individuals believed to be gang rivals, killing one and wounding another. After the shooting, Rodriguez-Nunez fled the scene to avoid being identified, he admitted.”

The teenage boy was murdered when Nunez and fellow gang members shot him when they believed they were taking aim at a rival gang member. The victims name was Eliezer Reyes. However, it was later confirmed the boy was not a gang member.

The Washington Post reported,

“Eliezer Reyes, 14, died Dec. 5, 2012. Eliezer was killed in a drive-by shooting as he was walking along a Lewisdale street with two people believed to be gang members, authorities said. Luis Carlos Guzman-Ventura, 20, and Jose Luis Rodriguez-Nunez, 25, were arrested in connection with Eliezer’s slaying.”

The Justice Department never flat out admitted in their report or proceedings that the assailant was an illegal alien. They simply alluded to the fact that Nunez had been investigated by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Which is the politically correct and passive aggressive way of saying they thought he was an illegal alien.

The gang that Nunez was a part of was MS-13, they are notoriously violent and dangerous. Furthermore, their members are largely illegal immigrants and live and work primarily across Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Southern Maryland. Other gang members have been found guilty and convicted of the crimes of murder, rape, and robbery to name a few. This is just over the last few months.

The war on illegal immigration is at an all time high now more than ever. Unlike liberals such as Clinton, Sanders or Obama who would have us believe we are safe the truth is illegal migrants are coming in in droves and since many are dirt poor they fall victim to the crime life. Which leaves the rest of us Americans at risk.

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