OH NO! Look What Obama Did For The Illegal Alien Who Raped Teen Girl In Maryland… This is Bad!

A 14-year-old girl was raped in a Maryland high school by two illegal immigrant students. The criminals were caught and face deportation NOW, but further investigations reveal that one of them was already caught and RELEASED by the Obama administration LAST YEAR!

One of the illegal immigrant rapists was detained last year when they were caught illegally crossing a border. Their lawyer claimed they were escaping gang violence in Guatemala. Who cares? Go somewhere else in Guatemala or enter our country the legal way.

You’re not winning any American hearts when you claim to be escaping gang violence, but you get caught raping a freshman at high school.

It’s sick that Obama deported so many people, the Deporter in Chief, but he clearly missed this one. What made Obama’s team let this guy off the hook? What was so special about this guy that Obama’s team let him stay? He turned out to be a rapist. Why take that chance with any of the illegal immigrants?

According to WUSA-TV, 18-year-old Henry Sanchez Milian was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents at a border crossing near McAllen, Texas, last August. Sanchez Milian’s lawyer contends he was fleeing gang violence in his home country of Guatemala when he was detained.

More from WUSA:

He was detained at a refugee resettlement center for 12 days because he was a minor. Sanchez Milian was released and given notice to appear in immigration court, but a date wasn’t set because he wasn’t a priority case. Priority court dates are given to illegal immigrants with criminal records or have a gang affiliation.

Apparently, Obama had a “catch and release” program where people could say they were fleeing the drug wars in their native country and Obama’s team would release them under refugee status. Typically, they should’ve been detained until their court date. However, this flaw in policy allowed people to be released. After being released, they went somewhere in OUR country illegally and that is generally the last time you hear about them until they commit a crime and are arrested and face deportation.

President Trump seeks to end the policy that lets people be released.

Just because you claim to be escaping a drug war in your country, that should not release you from the proper procedures for entering the country. Immigrants must follow the immigration laws no matter what their reason for being here is.

Just simple laws that everyone should be on the same page with. It’s not asking anyone for anything different.

America wants people here legally. Is that too much to ask?

A girl was raped because of two illegal immigrants. Can we start following the law, please?

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