After Obama Implies Bathtubs More Dangerous Than ISIS, Chris Wallace Hits Him with this Damning Question

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” President Obama was grilled by Chris Wallace regarding his response to terrorism.

Referencing an interview Obama did with The Atlantic, Wallace said:

“It says you think that the fear of terrorism–among politicians, among the press, among the public, is exaggerated. And then the article goes on to say ‘Obama frequently reminds his staff that terrorism takes far fewer lives than handguns, car accidents, and falls in bathtubs do.’ Do we make too big a deal of the terror threat?”

The President avoided the question, pivoting to several subjects, including saying that certain presidential candidates think “we should carpet bomb innocent civilians.”

Chris Wallace wasn’t satisfied with Obama’s answer, which led him to try a different tactic, asking the President a very personal question.

Via IJ Review

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