Obama Insists His ISIS Strategy Is Working And We Should Double Down On It (VIDEO)


He can’t be serious? What strategy? The strategy of having no strategy?

“America appears to be in a slap fight while others are punching hard, say military experts” (fox news)

From Right Scoop: This morning, President Obama held a press conference at the G20 Summit in Antalya, Turkey, and took questions mostly about ISIS and the attacks in Paris. At one point, Obama expressed his belief that his strategy is working super fine and the only thing he plans to change is to do even more of of it.

“So there will be an intensification of the strategy that we’ve put forward. But, the strategy that we are putting forward is the strategy that ultimately is going to work. But as I said from the start, it’s going to take time.”

It’s working? Really? I would say Paris might disagree but, as it turns out, he has an answer for that too.


See? Just a setback. Everything is fine.

We’ll have several more videos from what turned out to be a pretty remarkable press conference. Stay tuned.

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