BREAKING: Obama Has One Last Sick Surprise Left For Israel… He Is Pure Evil!

Here it comes. 70 nations meet today in Paris to plot against Israel and the US will definitely be there represented by John Kerry. Ted Cruz warned of this. It’s one last evil present from Obama on his way out. Their goal is to impose a two-state solution on Israel, who will not be attending the meeting. Barack Obama is the driving force behind all of this.

Yesterday, Pope Francis met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Israel was not in attendance for that blasphemous meeting, either. All of this is the fruit of the US abstaining on the last UN vote, which opened the door for a unanimous resolution to condemn Israel. It’s beyond obscene.

The United Nations Security Council passed a resolution on Dec. 23rd branding all of east Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria “occupied Palestinian land.” Five days later, Secretary of State John Kerry declared that construction in Judea and Samaria stands as one of the main obstacles to peace and said Israel could either be Jewish or Democratic, not both. With that kind of statement, you can see what Obama, Kerry, and Clinton had planned for the US. You could be Democratic or constitutional, not both. Israel will not fold and will not comply.

From the Angry Patriot:

It seems Obama has one more way to screw over our most important ally in the Middle East before he is forced out of the White House.

On January 17, 2017, just three days before Trump is inaugurated, the United States and several other countries will convene for the Paris Peace Summit that many believe will be used as a forum to pass additional anti-Israeli resolutions. (via WND)

Many believe that the summit will be used to force Israel into a “two-state solution” where the parties have to return to borders that were drawn after World War II, in 1949.

However, Israel will not have a representative at the Paris Summit nor at a meeting with the president of the Palestinian Authority and the pope on the day before the summit. This means that Israel will not even have a voice against any potential sanctions and new rules that are placed on the Jewish State.

Hasn’t Barack Obama done enough to damage our relationship with Israel? It is so evil for him to allow this meeting to take place when he will literally only have three days left in office at that time! The American people have categorically rejected his policies by electing Donald Trump and therefore he should be prohibited from engaging in any significant foreign policy until the new president arrives.

One of the immediate results of this atrocity was a Palestinian connected to ISIS driving a truck into a group of Israeli soldiers, killing four and wounding many others. That blood is on Obama’s and Kerry’s hands, but they don’t care. The Palestinian Authority gave a stipend to the dead terrorist’s widow and nothing but crickets from the evil UN.

The new Paris peace document will be used by the UN to pass another anti-Israeli resolution. Any bets on whether we will abstain again? This will happen on the 17th… just three days before President-elect Trump takes office. Obama is determined to punish Israel on the way out the door for not complying with his demands. Too bad. Not going to happen.

President-elect Trump will have his hands full handling this as he comes into office. But Ted Cruz has already submitted a bill to defund the UN unless they reverse the first resolution. They won’t reverse the first or the second, so we are headed towards defunding the UN, leaving them and booting them from the country.

It is very clear that Trump is going to stand with Israel no matter what Obama and the UN do. This will have us facing off with the rest of the world and could easily lead to war. Israel is our ally and there is a time and a place for standing for and doing the right thing. That time is now and starts with defunding the UN.


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