Obama Just Landed In Italy And Everyone Immediately Noticed The Unbelievable Thing He Had In Tow

In typical good “Elitist Marxist” style former President Barack Hussein Obama once again proves he doesn’t give a damn about people, the environment or the US economy. Which he left in shambles for so many.

This Friday, the former president Barack Obama and his wife Michele landed at Grosseto Air Base in Tuscany Italy. Their private jet was actually accompanied by six Eurofighter Fourth Wing jets.

Once they landed they had a 13 car motorcade waiting for their Alisnky loving selves.

They were then quickly driven to the 45 miles to the villa where they were to stay. The six-acre resort, Borgo Finocchieto, which is located 45 miles south of Florence. The villa is said to cost $15,000 per night if you want to rent out the whole villa, or at a lower cost if you just rent out a room. It’s being reported that the Obama’s rented out the whole villa. A cost which they will not be covering themselves.

Borgo Finocchieto, which translates as “village of fennel fields.” sports 22 bedrooms and multiple dining rooms. A lavish and well-stocked library which probably doesn’t stock Alinky’s Rules for Radicals.  A professional gym and various outdoor sporting areas which are taken care by a staff of over 20 people. What’s even more ridiculous is it also has an 800 square-foot “Medici” bedroom which features its own steam room, Jacuzzi, and sauna. I’m sure like a good man of the people who knows the struggle, Mr. and Mrs. Barack Huessein Obama will be staying in that room.

Barry Obama is being highly criticized by the fact that just last week he spoke at the Seeds and Chips global warming summit. But we all know that’s not for the elite, only us peasants have to sacrifice in the name of Al Gore’s biggest scam ever perpetrated in the history of humanity.

Food Tank Reports:

The third annual Seeds&Chips Global Food Innovation Summit started off with a panel titled How Millennials Are Changing the Food System. Speakers discussed why young people are doing more than just taking pictures of their food. Their activity on social media platform indirectly spearheads change in the food industry. Brands have been forced to adapt by altering their marketing strategies and product lines to meet Millennials’ expectations.

According to Tobias Peggs, founder of Square Roots, Millennials are willing to pay more for local food, expect to know where their food comes from, want healthy snack options, and actively seek out nutritious recipes online. His company seeks to bring the farm to the city and coaches young farmers how to grow nutritious food in urban greenhouses. He hopes that his company can help feed a rapidly urbanizing population and allow consumers to know where their food came from and build a relationship with their local farmer.

Two of the ten speakers during the session were entrepreneurs: Danielle Gould, CEO of Food+Tech Connect, a food and innovation community, and Deepti Sharma Kapur, CEO and founder of FoodtoEat, an online ordering service focused on food trucks and corporate catering.

This panel commenced four days of panel discussions and meetings at Rho Fiera in Milan, Italy, with former U.S. President Barack Obama as the keynote speaker. Following his talk on May 9, Obama will also participate in a panel that includes Sam Kass, the former White House chef and current advisor to Obama. More than 200 international speakers are discussing various topics during the four-day event. Panel discussions are centered around strategies to feed more people with less land.

Marco Gualtieri, Seeds&Chips chairman, has put the focus on young people’s involvement this year. For each Seeds&Chips talk, there will be at least one speaker or panelist under thirty and a “teenovator” under 18 years old who presents their vision for the future of food.

This year, he has also gathered young people to participate in a Hackathon for food waste over the next few days. Gualtieri hopes that they can come up with an innovative solution that reduces waste in the food system. The Hackathon is put on in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, University and Research. There is also a space at the Summit called Give Me Five, where young entrepreneurs can meet a leader for five minutes, to whom they can pitch their ideas.

At least this time the only tab we the overburdened American Tax Payer will be picking up will be the secret service. It was reported that the Obamas won’t be paying for the stay themselves but it’s not known who will be picking up the tab. Maybe his good buddy and fellow comrade George Soros?

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