Obama Just Looked Our Servicemen In The Eyes And LIED Right To Their Faces! But The Cameras Caught It All (VIDEO)

President Barack Obama has never been truthful when he speaks about terrorist attacks on American soil, but to tell a room full of servicemen these kinds of lies to their face is inexcusable. Does he not have respect for our men and woman who protect and service us? If he did, he would not be so bold to speak false facts to them. On Wednesday Obama attended a military farewell ceremony in Arlington, Va. at Joint Base Myer and addressed the crowd as part of the ceremony. We all wish he had just stayed home.

While speaking, he boasted a false claim that “no foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland these past eight years.”

In an effort to bring Obama back to reality, people on Twitter immediately corrected Obama on his statements, mentioning terror attacks in San Bernardino, Ca. the gay night club in Orlando, Fl., Boston Marathon Bombing and Fort Hood, Texas.

The White House, however, does not want to acknowledge these attacks as legitimate terror attacks. they characterize such attacks as lone-wolf actions and claim they were not directed or plotted by a foreign terror organization like ISIS or al Qaeda. The attackers are following the same ideology as ISIS and al Qaeda so why shouldn’t they be classified as Muslim extremism attacks, aka, ISIS?

Last month Obama likes to toot his own horn for his anti-terror policies. While it’s true that America hasn’t endured an attack executed by ISIS or al Queda it’self there’s obviously there is a much stronger connection to these groups by the attackers of Boston, Orlando, San Buradinao and Ft Hood then Obama would like known. The president chooses his words carefully and cunningly for this very reason.

The Washington Examiner reports that although the claims by Obama are technically accurate, they are full of warning.

By framing the issue in these very specific terms, Obama can position himself as the victor in the ongoing war on terror, while also avoiding mentions of the fact that there have been several major terrorist attacks in the U.S. under his watch. The presidents remark Friday, which is an amended version of what he claimed on Dec. 6, “No foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland,” also allow him to avoid mentioning that many of the attacks in the U.S. have been linked to overseas groups.

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