Obama Just Released Statement About Who He Blamed For Hillary’s Loss!

Barack Obama’s presidency is almost over, and as Donald Trump would say, “it’s a disaster.” Likable or not, Obama’s legacy will be one of complete failure. Vox reports The whole Democratic Party is now a smoking pile of rubble.

GOP control of 69/99 of the state legislatures (Nebraska’s is unicameral) is an all-time high, and after the 2014 midterms, Republicans had the most state-elected lawmakers in office since 1920. With the results of the 2016 elections, the Republican Party is the dominant political force in the country, holding the Presidency, House, and Senate.

It’s not hard to see why. Just take a look at the Obama legacy. Record high poverty and rates of government dependency. Skyrocketing healthcare premiums and deductables. A record low labor force participation rate. The first president to only have a single quarter where economic growth was greater than 3%. The rise of ISIS and resurgence of the Taliban in the middle east. And to top it off, we only had to rack up a national debt of over $20 trillion to fund all his “accomplishments.” What a deal!

And who does Obama blame for the Democrats getting crushed? You gotta hear it to believe it….

As Downtrend reported:

Obama did an interview with Rolling Stone and was asked why he thought Hillary lost the presidential race. While he did acknowledge that democrats haven’t done a very good job of reaching people, he ignored the fact that their message is in opposition to what most Americans think is important.

When asked why he thought working class whites turned away from the democrats and supported Trump, we get some vintage Obama bullshit:

“Part of it is Fox News in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country,” said Obama.

As you know, Obama is very hostile to Fox News because they don’t worship at his feet like the other news networks do. In blaming Fox News for white people voting for Trump, what he is actually saying is that network spread lies that stupid working class people believed and that cost Hillary the election.

Later in the interview he revisited this idea by suggesting that Fox and other less liberal outlets were broadcasting false information that was poisoning the electorate:

“The challenge is people are getting a hundred different visions of the world from a hundred different outlets or a thousand different outlets, and that is ramping up divisions. It’s making people exaggerate or say what’s most controversial or peddling in the most vicious of insults or lies, because that attracts eyeballs,” Obama said.

How brilliant.

I guess I partially agree that it’s Fox News’ fault, only in the sense that it’s their fault for reporting on Obama’s disastrous presidency every step of the way. Good riddance to him.


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