Obama just tweeted something that is straight up communist



Three things pretty much can guarantee you won’t permanently live in poverty in this country. Graduate high school, get a job, and don’t have kids out of wedlock. It’s not very complicated. That is what will improve the standard of living in this country. Not the government being responsible for everybody. We’ve seen how well the DMV operates. Sorry, but those aren’t the people I want being equally responsible for my kids someday.

At some level every level Obama just doesn’t care about what ideologies this country was built on. The problem with Obama and so many of our friends on the Left is that to them, equality and opportunity are a finish line, not a starting point. They dream of redistribution and outcome equivalence on a massive scale.

Obama says he wants to “give back to everybody”. Here’s a crazy idea, why don’t you just not steal what is ours in the first place?

Courtesy of Young Cons 
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