What Obama Just Did To The White House Logo Shows His HATE For America!

How much more proof do we need on Obama’s hatred for this country? He does not love America. Hell..he doesn’t hide it either. He has destroyed this country.

Made us a laughing stock to the world. And we let him do it. Gotta love the white flag of surrender in the logo.


From AdWeek

The White House doesn’t publicize changes to its brand identity. But something fishy has been going on with its logo over the past decade, according to a design agency that worked on refresh ideas for the famous mark several years ago.

The story starts in 2009, when New York-based digital design agency Hello Monday was invited to submit ideas for a redesign of the White House logo. Naturally, the agency, which had only recently opened its doors, was thrilled. It quickly dove into the history of the logo—and of the iconic north face of the White House more broadly, which the logo depicts.

You probably recognize the north face mostly from the back of the $20 bill (which used to show the south face, until the bill was redesigned in 1998):


Ronald Reagan was the first president to use the north face as an emblem; a famous version of it remains a fixture on the rear wall of the White House press room, as you can see in this photo (credit: C.W Fitzpatrick, U.S. Department of Defense).

The north face has also become the White House’s de facto illustrated logo, both on the whitehouse.gov website and on printed reports it issues.

But when Hello Monday got to work on the brand, and looked at the logo as it appeared in 2009, it noticed something funny: One of the arches on the physical building had mysteriously become a pyramid in the logo, as you can see below.

—2009 White House logo


“We were surprised to discover something had gone wrong—or maybe it was a secret Freemasons cypher—call Nicolas Cage!” the agency writes in a lengthy, amusing blog post. “We’ll do our best not to go all ‘illuminati’ on you, but the real architectural element is an arch—now look at the logo again… Yes, it’s a pyramid.”  Read More


“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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