BREAKING: Obama-Led U.N. Has Just Made It Official, U.S. To Immediately Pay Blacks “Reparations”

A United Nations panel in Geneva wants the United States to pay African Americans reparations for slavery.

Sure, right after African Americans pay for burning down Los Angeles, Ferguson, and whatever other cities they destroyed.

And right after that happens, let’s find all the African Americans who are over 151 years old, which means they were probably slaves before 1865, and send them a check if there’s any difference left over after they pay for rioted cities to be fixed.

Sounds just about as dumb as a doorknob, right?

Exactly. I don’t know who’s on the panel in Geneva, but they must be friends with Obama and looking to make some newsy headlines with this dreck of an idea.

Reparations for slavery won’t ever exist and anyone who asks for them has lost their mind.

NO ONE ALIVE TODAY was a slave or a slave owner. Those days ended 151 years ago.

Stop talking about reparations and start talking about making the planet an amazing place to live. Asking for reparations about things that happened 151+ years ago is a waste of time. This topic should only be discussed in a history class or casual conversation/debate, but not as a legit topic spoken by a United Nations panel.


COnservative Daily POst – Political tyranny has set this great country ablaze since Barack Obama became our president eight years ago. We are now living in a country that refers to Black Lives Matter as a heroic group instead of our law enforcement officers.

That is the type of America Obama has created, and the United Nations has voted to make things much worse. At the behest of Obama’s actions, a United Nations panel in Geneva is now calling for the United States to pay African Americans reparations for slavery.

These so called “experts” are comprised of human rights lawyers that presented their findings about the link between the U.S.’s history of slavery and present injustices, such as the recent police shootings of African Americans to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Enough talk about reparations.

There’s better things to talk about, like fantasy football, women, having your family over for Christmas, getting a better job, and how to do something nice for your community.

Talk about things that matter and make a difference.

Reparations is a joke.

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