BREAKING: Obama Receives Letter From U.S. Army Major… People Are STUNNED

20-year Army veteran, MAJ(R) Matthew Wadler, penned this drastic letter to Obama. The words of this articulate letter will leave you stunned.

This letter comes from a very experienced and educated Army veteran who was deployed once to Somalia and twice to Afghanistan. It’s very crystal clear that MAJ(R) Wadler knows what he’s talking about.

Wadler was concerned with the recent sentence commute of the treason tranny, Chelsea Elizabeth Bradley Edward Manning.  Wadler expresses one major concern for all soldiers and civilians – that if the President is not willing to punish those who betray the country, then what happens next? Will more people betray America because they know the punishment is a slap on the limp tranny wrist? Or maybe every spy whose caught can turn themselves into a transgender and receive a get out of jail free card?


Here’s an excerpt from Wadler’s letter to Obama:

How can you expect the men and women who are fighting your wars to keep faith when they know that you are not going to punish those who betray them? During my second tour in Afghanistan, my unit lost a soldier on a mission. I had never met this man, and to this day I could not identify him even if I saw a picture of him. However, his death haunts me often. See, he was killed by an insurgent who had become an Afghanistan police officer. He was actually shot in the head from behind, so he never even had a chance to defend himself. Why would this soldier’s death affect me so much? It was when I discovered from his platoon leader that he died on his young daughter’s birthday and that she was expecting a call from her daddy, who was deployed on your orders, Mr. President. This is the gift you give to her and all of those who lost parents, brothers, sisters, etc. Her life will always be missing something because of the sacrifice he was willing to make. And you honor that sacrifice by allowing a war criminal to go free. Not even just a war criminal, but a former brother in arms for whom any of us would have given our lives.

President Obama, I cannot begin to express to you the outrage and betrayal I feel. My nation has turned on all of us who swore to protect it—remember you are not a man anymore but the embodiment of all that this great nation represents. I don’t expect any of this to affect you. I don’t believe you lower yourself to feel the pain of those who followed your orders into battle. Nor can I envision you actually concerning yourself with the opinion of one lowly veteran. However, with all of that said, I never believed you would so blatantly spit in our faces either. I guess the joke is on not just me, but all of us who have served under you.


Some might argue that this betrayal lead to exposure of the NSA for the American people. But does that make it right to do? This is something that people will need to make up their own mind on. On what level was any of this right or wrong? Can any form of betrayal have any level of tolerance? I doubt it. What if Manning claims he did this for America? Well what did I get out of it? Nothing. I don’t think. I’m not worried about the NSA and they’re not worried about me, so I could care less. They could tell me they’re not paying attention to me and slip a microchip in my ear as I sleep at the doctor’s waiting room. It phases me not one bit because I’m not an anti-government person whose paranoid nor has a tin hat collection.

Obama coughed one up and spit it right on our military. He sends them to battle, then betrays the soldiers who fight for him.

If there’s any betrayal to talk about, then Obama’s betrayal of the United States military is just as bad, actually worse, than Mr. Manning’s betrayal.

This is why I believe leaders of the free world should march their men into battle. If you’re not willing to fight with your troops, then don’t send them to fight YOUR battles, only to come home and disrespect them. Fight with your soldiers or don’t waste their time. We need to bring back the days where our leaders marched up front with swords and fought till they could fight no more.

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