Americans are pretty familiar with the double-standard that liberal progressives like President Obama and his cronies adhere to, especially in regards to trumped up charges of racism.

If someone stands against Obama’s agenda or disagrees with granting five million lawbreaking individuals amnesty to stay in the country, you will immediately be blasted by the media who desire nothing more than to plaster a “Bigot” tattoo right across your forehead like the big red “A” from The Scarlet Letter.

What’s hilarious is that all of the outrage that pops up over Republicans wanting to enforce immigration laws and deport illegals suddenly disappears and all is quiet when the “racist” comments come from the ultimate liberal, Barack Obama.

During his amnesty speech Thursday night, the president made some rather unsavory remarks, which if made by a Republican would’ve sent the entire nation into an uproar. Of course, the left was completely silent on these remarks since they came from their “golden boy.” Check it out.

During the speech the president referred to illegals as “workers who pick our fruit and make our beds.” Astounding when you consider this was a prepared speech written, read and edited by a team of professionals who somehow allowed that line to get through.

The “racism” doesn’t end there. Obama went on to discuss a young lady who was sent into America to live with her grandmother. According to the president, her dad was in landscaping and her mom cleaned houses. In other words, illegals are all fruit pickers, maids, or landscapers.

Basically, Obama just thumped illegals over the head with every single stereotype you can think of, yet there’s no liberal outrage demanding the president apologize or be removed from office. The depth of hypocrisy at work here is simply astounding.

Here’s a few reactions from Twitter users who were just as flabbergasted by the president’s statements as I was.


Unbelievable. The same president who is trying to stir up racial division in Ferguson and claims to be a crusader for equality drops “racist” bombs left and right in this speech and walks away completely unscathed.

It’s ludicrous. If a conservative made that statement death threats and hate mail would come pouring in by the thousands. Obama does it, and no one on the left says a word.

If you’re going to apply political correctness to the American people, shouldn’t that also include the president? You know, so that it’s “fair.”

On second thought, how about we throw political correctness out the window for everyone instead? I think that would work better with the Constitution, wouldn’t you agree?

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