Obama to Meet With Child Molester Alton Sterling’s Son… Not the Dallas PD’s Kids.

Alton Sterling was shot and died from his wounds when he failed to comply with police in Baton Rouge on July 4. However, leftists and the media would like you to believe that Alton Sterling was murdered because he was selling music CDs.

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Even after video evidence of the shooting, from multiple angles, shows Alton Sterling reaching in his pocket for a gun and also not complying, the left still refuses to use facts or logic. Facts being that Alton Sterling did not comply with police. Logic being that if you don’t follow police orders and reach for a gun in your pocket, that you will logically be shot, because by now you should know better. Logic also being that no one should be idiotic enough to think a man was actually shot by police for selling CDs, because that would totally be worth the paper work and internal investigations, not to mention the riduculous backlash from Black Lives Matter who ONLY care about when it’s a police officer vs a perpetual criminal such as the sex offender known as Alton Sterling.

And what happened next? Black Lives Matter lost their minds. Instead of marching in Chicago to stop black on black crime, they stood up for a known sex offender with a history of crime, only because it matches the Black Lives Matter agenda. Instead of marching around abortion clinics where black women murder thousands of black babies every week, they stood up for that known crook Alton Sterling.

Next a sniper took out five police officers who were protecting Black Lives Matter protesters. If black lives mattered so much, then someone wouldn’t be shooting wildly into crowds of THEIR OWN people trying to snipe a cop. One would not put black lives in danger like that.

To make matters more insulting to America, and further push racial divide among citizens, Obama’s White House refused to light the building in blue to support the officers who were murdered in cold blood. Then Obama invites known protester Deray McKesson to the White House for a Black Lives Matter meeting.

Can it get worse? Sure. Let’s invite the child of a known sex offender and historic criminal, Alton Sterling.

Why didn’t the children or families of the police officers murdered get an invite to the White House?

Those people died protecting black people from the snipers. Don’t they deserve some recognition for giving up their life to save others?

Doesn’t their lives matter?

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