Did You Notice What Obama Did 45 Times During Memorial Speech For Dallas Officers?

Want to take a guess at who Obama made his speech at the Dallas memorial about? Himself – of course.

Five officers are dead – and it’s due to the rhetoric of Black Lives Matter. The motives of the shooter couldn’t have been any clearer. While Obama thinks it’s a mystery what caused the Dallas massacre, the shooter himself said that he wanted to kill white people – especially white cops.

Via WeaselZippers

President Obama referred to himself 45 times over the course of the speech he delivered Tuesday at the memorial service for the five police officers killed in Dallas last week.

Obama referred to himself twice before finishing his opening salutations and before mentioning the slain officers or their families. After noting the presence of President Bush, members of Congress and Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings, Obama appeared to go off-script.

Obama would refer to himself 43 more times throughout the speech — most of which he personally wrote, according to the LA Times — including one instance where he referred to himself in the third-person: “the president.”

Five officers are dead – and it’s still all about him.

His speech, naturally, wasn’t without criticism of the police, and even made a push for gun control. He made perhaps the dumbest anti-gun argument yet, claiming that it’s “easier for a teenager to buy a glock than a book.”

He must’ve never purchased a book before if he thinks that’s a valid argument.

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