After Obama Awards Himself HIGHEST Civilian Military Honor, He Gets BRUTALLY Knocked Out From Veterans

How incredibly sad…Obama is so desperate to feel important, even though most of the world hates him, that on Wednesday he added another prestigious medal to his Nobel Prize collection. Defense Secretary Ash Carter awarded his boss with the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service.


This award is only presented to those who have been deemed worthy of providing “exceptionally distinguished service of significance to the Department of Defense.”

The press reported that Carter emphatically insisted that the medal was merely a token of appreciation for Obama’s service as commander in chief.

“It is the highest honorary award presented by the Secretary of Defense to non-career Federal employees, private citizens, and foreign nationals,” DCPAS stated. “The award itself consists of a gold medal, a miniature medal, a rosette, and a citation signed by the Secretary of Defense.”

However, many were in doubt that Obama was worthy of such an honor.



Sarah Palin added her two sense with this snarky response:


Others on Twitter brought attention to the fact that Obama received this “gift” from someone he chose to be his defense secretary.


Obama claimed his award after giving his final speech to military leaders, where he called for a smooth handover of control to President-elect Donald Trump.

Obama said:

“We’ve got to make sure that during this transition period that there is a seamless passing of the baton, that there’s continuity,” As if he were putting on a show for America he then said that it was critical to ensure that “we are doing everything we can to make sure that the next president will benefit from the same kinds of outstanding advice and service that these people around the table have provided me.”

Give me a break! As if Obama actually cares about America’s transition, he is the most selfish president we have had in history. What do you think? Did Obama give himself this medal?

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