Trump Just Told Obama To Blow Off With What He Did With The $221 Million He Gave To Terrorists!

Trump Tells Obama To F-Off With What He Just Did With The $221 Million He Gave To Terrorists!

Barack Obama went on a deliberate spending spree in his finals days in office, writing checks to terrorists with hard-working American’s money. The second he signed on the dotted line for $221 million to go to our enemy, he hopped on a jet and took off to enjoy himself on his tax-funded vacation. However, he grossly underestimated how quick President Trump would get to work, who just ruined Obama’s rest and relaxation time with what he did with the money that was gifted to the Palestinians.

After the truth of where the money went on Tuesday came out, people were furious, but nobody was as much as Republican politicians. The second Trump was sworn into office, he and his team took care of this issue as a first item of business in a way that pissed our former treasonous leader off, who now can’t enjoy his vacation time knowing what his friends in Palestine just got handed to them. who had placed a hold on the

Today, Trump placed a hold on all $221 Million of America’s money sent to Palestine, which isn’t legally binding, but traditionally, presidents have respected it. As it turns out, Obama may not get his way after all with what he was really intending to do with this.

Not long after the money transfer came to light, the State Department took action. An announcement was made that the funding was going to go under review, to make sure that it is in line with the Trump administration’s new agenda. And Trump has been open about his desire to improve relations with Israel.

Rep. Kay Granger (R-TX) was one of the lawmakers to put a hold on the funds. And in a statement, she slammed Obama for his actions, calling it a “defiance of congressional oversight”. “I worked to make sure that no American taxpayer dollars would fund the Palestinian Authority unless very strict conditions were met,” she said. “While none of these funds will go to the Palestinian Authority because of those conditions, they will go to programs in the Palestinian territories that were still under review by Congress. The Obama Administration’s decision to release these funds was inappropriate.”

Do you think the State Department should cancel the transfer?

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