Obama Moves to Protect 72 Immigrants with Terror Charges


From Young Cons: Barack Obama and the “most transparent administration in history” can’t seem to figure out the difference between right and wrong.

For example, protecting 72 immigrants with terror charges is wrong, and a fourth grader would know that.

Why do I have to make that clear to the leader of the free world?

From Daily Caller:

The Obama administration has not responded to a demand from senators for details on the immigration history of dozens of U.S. residents arrested on terror-related charges.

Republican Sens. Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions identified 72 U.S. residents charged with terror-related crimes in the past year and sent the Obama administration a letter in August requesting details on their immigration histories. They provided an incomplete chart with the letter, and asked the Obama administration to fill it in by Sept. 4, but have received no response.

“It is quite telling that this Administration — which seems to have unlimited resources to circumvent our immigration laws and further its executive amnesties — cannot find the time or resources to provide timely answers to these simple questions,” Sessions and Cruz wrote in a joint statement Tuesday.


For sure.

Why anyone would make a move to protect immigrants with terror charges is beyond comprehension, but absolutely nothing Obama has done since being elected in 2008 has made any sense.

Do you think that Obama and his team can even spell the word obfuscate?

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