Obama MEETS With Muslim ‘Clock Boy’ But Has NO Time For This HERO!

Remember “Clock Boy”? What a pointless story that was.

For anyone whose memory needs a refresher, it all began last year when Muslim student Ahmed Mohammed was arrested for bringing what we were told was nothing more than a homemade clock to school which was mistaken for a bomb (which we’re supposed to assume only happened because he was a Muslim).

Anyone who actually saw what Ahmed’s “clock” looked like quickly realized that the reason he had the police called on him for having what looked like a bomb….. is because his clock looked like a freaking bomb. There are countless stories of white youth being suspended from school for eating their pop-tarts in the shape of a firearm, or playing cops and robbers. The problem was overcautious teachers, not Islamophobia.

That of course didn’t matter for the race baiters in power. Clock Boy was quickly hounded with scholarships, internship and job offers, and all kinds of free goods from corporations looking to cash in on the story. And of course, he got a trip to the white house to see the race baiter in chief.

While Obama had time to meet with clock boy, look who he didn’t have time to meet with. As Clash Daily reminds us…..


He must’ve been busy with a golf game or something.

Weird that he managed to find time in his schedule when it came to meeting someone who helped fit a liberal narrative.

In what’s perhaps the oddest response to a terror attack I’ve ever seen, one OSU diversity officer actually tried to claim the dead terrorist as a Black Lives Matter martyr.

What a time to be alive. Will the insanity come to an end with Donald Trump in the white house? We can only hope.

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