Obama One Up’s Hillary, Goes FULL RACE BAIT, Says EVERY Trump Supporter is RACIST and This!

Obama almost made Hillary likable.


Not quite, but he really tried hard on this one and it didn’t work.

Obama literally and basically just said that all of Donald Trump’s supporters are racist.

You read that correctly.

You’re not seeing things.

The Kenyan import definitely went there and he’s maybe 1% correct.

Here’s a little bit about it…


Polizette – “The anti-immigrant, anti-Mexican, anti-Muslim, and anti-refugee sentiment expressed by some Americans today echoes nativist lurches of the past —  the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, the Know-Nothings of the mid-1800s, the anti-Asian sentiment in the late 19th and early 20th centuries,” Obama writes.

Comparing Trump’s movement to the Know Nothing Party, a sometimes violently anti-Catholic and anti-immigrant movement that flourished briefly in the 1850s, is contemptible. Invoking late-19th century discrimination against the “yellow peril” of the immigrant Chinese is equally egregious. Obama is saying that Trump’s millions of backers are a bunch of rank bigots.

What’s wrong with wanting America to be America and not the melting pot of illegal immigrants? What’s wrong with asking immigrants to become citizens so they’re legal and do things the right way? We have to follow laws everywhere, so why do we ignore the illegal immigrants breaking the laws?

Not too long ago, the new mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney, reinstated the sanctuary city status that was previously turned down. What happened next? Some illegal immigrant POS raped a child. That rapist was supposed to be out of Philly, but thanks to the sanctuary city BS, that criminal was able to stick around and rape someone’s kid. I think that sorta makes Jim Kenney responsible for the rape of a child.

Here’s what Donald Trump supporters are to me, and I’ll review my opinion of them in list format, that way we can get through this Obama dreck and move on to something more interesting, like which city black lives matter bros burns down next.

Trump supporters are (in my opinion)

  1. Love America and aren’t afraid to say it.
  2. Tired of the usual political figure in office and want an actual change, such as someone who isn’t really owned by anyone. This WILL be different.
  3. Dislike Obama, Hillary, liberals, feminists, and snowflake millennials, like most people do.
  4. Dislike immigrants who commit crimes and are irritated that illegal immigrants remain in the country and vote. Nothing wrong with wanting our country to follow laws.
  5. Don’t want refugees because too many radical Islamist’s are uncivilized and commit sick crimes like gang rape and marrying third graders, have destroyed communities in Germany and France, and aren’t fit for civilized societies.
  6. More fun to hang out with and the “Trump Girls” are super hot. Hillary girls are all fatty lesbians and transgender creeps who look like they haven’t showered in six weeks.
  7. Not feminists or loser liberals, so easy to be friends with.
  8. Trump supporters know their gender from birth, they don’t have to think about it.
  9. Work hard, because most right wingers aren’t begging for handouts and asking the government to take care of them. They go to work and provide for their family, unlike the sick amount of democratic welfare queens.
  10. Always in a good mood, because they’re not crybabies like democrats.
  11. Tiny bit racist, because everyone’s a little bit racist.


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