Obama is PISSED OFF After Trump & Gretta BLAST Chicago And Calls For These Bad Asses To Clean It Up!

The Chicago homicide rate has skyrocketed in 2016, with a horrifying 762 people murdered. It’s the highest murder rate for Chicago in 20 years, and the highest increase from one year to the next in 60 years. The number is the higher than the combined number of murders in both New York and Los Angeles. Chicago city officials have not been able to adequately address the problem, so Greta van Susteren and Donald Trump are both suggesting federal intervention… and liberals do not like it at all.

Chicago city officials are blaming an increase in illegal guns flooding the city. Greta van Susteren, however, thinks they need to do more than just stamp out guns — she is calling for the National Guard to deploy to Chicago.

People were not happy with this suggestion, uncomfortable with the idea of sending the military in to crime-ridden neighborhoods. But as Greta pointed out, Chicago is clearly not capable of handling this on their own.

Greta van Susteren wasn’t the only one calling for federal intervention. Donald Trump also tweeted that it was time for the city to recognize that they couldn’t solve this problem, and ask for help.

On Sunday, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson spoke at a press conference, and said that part of the problem is that criminals don’t fear the justice system enough. “In Chicago, we just don’t have a deterrent to pick up a gun,” he said said. “Any time a guy stealing a loaf of bread spends more time pre-trial in jail than a gun offender, something is wrong.”

What do YOU think should be done about the violence in Chicago?

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