Obama Promotes Boston Mosque Calling for Jihad, Germany Follows His Lead…

You have already heard the tragic news that broke this week about yet another radical Islamic terrorist who MURDERED 12 people at a German market when he road in in a vehicle and smashed them where they stood. He injured many more.

These are people who had families, friends…and many loved ones who will not be celebrating Christmas this year, or feeling the Christmas spirit. Not after having to deal with such a tragic loss…due to a man who will not feel remorse and killed their loved one SENSELESSLY.

This was all reported, however, what wasn’t reported…by the American media of course was the fact that the outgoing President, douchebag Barack Obama in fact, promoted the LARGEST mosque right here on American soil, in Boston. A mosque that calls for jihad.

He himself even had the audacity to state that this mosque is the MODEL for his efforts in fighting violent extremism….

What the hell Obama?
The man had to have smoked some really bad weed back in the day, because this is utterly INSANE!

Truth be told, the only explanation for Obama’s decisions is that he is in actuality trying to PROMOTE Islam at the detriment of US security. This world is being terrorized from a group of people who are considered by this man to be a JV team, yet this so-called JV team is killing thousands upon thousands, raping thousands upon thousands, misplacing millions in the Middle East.

That’s no small thing. How is this not registering to Obama? JV team?

GO SLAP YOURSELF OBAMA! You needs to knock some sense back into your head.

I cannot wait until this man is OUT of the White House, and I hope one day he realizes what he has done…and the blood that stains his hands as a result.

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