Obama Regime funds Hamas and ISIS


ISIS has joined an Al Qaeda network called Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis. They have operational ties with the Palestinian Hamas. American taxpayers are funding Hamas. Obama is sending 300 Green Berets, without danger pay to advise. If we haven’t learned yet, you cannot advise Iraqis. Iraq’s military was conquered by 800 ISIS members; you cannot train cowards. Obama is not only sending the Green Berets to train the cowardly Iraqis without danger pay, he supports the funding of Palestinian Hamas. We should all ask how long will it take for ISIS to receive our hard working American taxpayer money?

Excerpted from the Washington Examiner

A Senate panel has approved a $48.3 billion budget for foreign aid and State Department work next year. The funding would be slightly below this year’s but in line with what the House Appropriations Committee proposed. That panel is likely to vote next week.The Senate’s measure includes conditions on aid to Egypt and the Palestinians. Diplomatic security, health and U.N. peacekeeping are fully funded

Obama, this might be a good time to self reflect on why you are public enemy number one to the veteran community.




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