Obama Regime Is Prosecuting American Lawyer For Helping Christians Escape Muslim Persecution

This is disgusting. Obama has turned his administration into a Sharia council.

Obama’s Department of Justice is prosecuting Assyrian Christian American lawyer, Robert DeKelaita, because he helped rescue Christians from persecution by Muslims in Syria and Iraq.

The federal government provides asylum to immigrants who can demonstrate that they were targeted — or have a legitimate fear of being targeted — in their homeland for religious, racial, political or ethnic reasons. Prosecutors claim DeKelaita, who employed a translator who also was charged, “coached” clients and encouraged them to lie to the asylum officers who decided their fate.


Since Saddam Hussein was deposed, and with the rise of ISIS in Syria & Iraq, Christians living in those countries have come under increasingly violent attacks by Islamists. They want to live in peace, but because radical Muslims have gained control of large swaths of territory in the region, they are unable to, and it is difficult for them to escape Islamic pogroms.

Obama has called for us to accept tens of thousands of Syrian refugees, who are Muslims, but turns a blind eye to Christians in that part of the world who are being systematically eliminated by radical Islamists. Not only that, his administration is prosecuting those who try to help Christians escape. Absolutely sick. ~FD


DeKelaita, shown here in his homeland of Iraq, claims he ran afoul of the Department of Justice when he complained about the treatment of Christian asylum seekers.
In the Iraqi-American Christian community, he is revered as an activist who delivered thousands from persecution at the hands of Muslim extremists, but in the U.S. halls of justice, Robert DeKelaita is regarded as a criminal who helped clients lie to get asylum.

The 53-year-old, Iraq-born DeKelaita, who was convicted earlier this month of helping clients falsify asylum applications, faces up to 35 years in prison when he is sentenced in August. DeKelaita’s supporters insist he was targeted for speaking out about what they consider the federal government’s blind eye to Christian persecution in the Middle East.

“We are infuriated that one of our leaders was targeted for helping people escape the horrors of Iraq and Syria,” said Ramon Michael, a board member of the nonprofit Assyria Foundation. “The Assyrian community worldwide has been watching this case. What do you think our opinion of the U.S. government will be if they insist on ruining a man who has earned the utmost respect and gratitude of his people worldwide?”

DeKelaita told FoxNews.com he has helped approximately 4,000 Muslims and Christians emigrate to the U.S. in a near-20-year career, but that he focused his Chicago-based practice on Assyrians, the name for Christians in Iraq and Syria, a decade ago, amid their growing persecution by Muslim extremists.


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