President Obama was repeatedly heckled by young immigration activists at a campaign rally in Connecticut.

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — In his final campaign swing, President Obama rallied voters Sunday in Connecticut and Pennsylvania for Democratic gubernatorial candidates, but his first rally of the day was interrupted several times by protesters demanding more lenient immigration policies.

Mr. Obama’s event for Gov. Dan Malloy at a high school in Bridgeport, Connecticut, was roiled at the start by incidents of people heckling him and forcing him to stop his prepared remarks. Police hauled two young men out of the crowd after they repeatedly shouted down the president. One was wearing a T-shirt that said “Obama Deports Parents.”

“The Republicans are blocking immigration reform,” Mr. Obama said. “That’s one more reason we need a Democratic Senate.”

After the young men were led away, Mr. Obama said, “Let’s try again.” But a few moments later, a woman started screaming at the president.

Mr. Obama again halted his speech to say “I am sympathetic” to people complaining about the lack of immigration reform in Congress.

“That’s why we fought for immigration reform,” he said. “It’s the other party that’s blocking. Unfortunately, folks get frustrated, and they yell at everybody.”

At another point, Mr. Obama said, “Republicans are patriots. They love their country.”

“No, they don’t!” a man shouted.

“Listen, just because folks are good folks doesn’t mean they’ve got good ideas,” Mr. Obama replied.

Near the end of his speech, he was interrupted by another protester, but the crowd drowned her out with (constitutionally impossible) shouts of “Four more years!”

The immigration group called United We Dream said “dreamers” from Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts and New York confronted Mr. Obama as he gave his speech.

“Dreamers will not take any more political delays or excuses,” said Maria Praeli of Connecticut, a member of the group. “Our community expects President Obama to be broad in using his executive authority to provide deportation relief to millions of people from our community, including parents of dreamers, and we’re here to hold him accountable to his promise.”

The president is planning to issue an executive order after Election Day to allow a significant portion of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants to remain in the country.

Mr. Malloy is in a tight race with Republican Tom Foley, in a rematch of their 2010 campaign that Mr. Malloy narrowly won.

In Pennsylvania, businessman Tom Wolf is leading Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, who received some help Sunday with an appearance by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Courtesy of The Washington Times

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