JUST IN: Barack Obama RESURFACES With CHILLING Announcement – This Isn’t Good…

It has been a while since President Obama came into the public eye. Since President Trump’s inauguration, he and his family have been off vacationing and the pictures on social media prove it. But now it seems the former President might be coming back into the public eye.

Even if he had stayed out for the years it would not have been long enough. But alas he is coming and we can’t stop him.

President Obama officially announced this Monday he will be giving a speech to the University of Chicago. This will be his first one since leaving the White House in January. It was also reported that he will be going to a town hall function to speak with local citizens. The location will also be on the University of Chicago campus but this time it will be very close to where his presidential library will be.

Obama’s office released the following statement,

This event is part of President Obama’s post-presidency goal to encourage and support the next generation of leaders driven by strengthening communities around the country and the world.”

Reportedly, he will be discussing community organizing and civic engagement. Students from all over Chicago have been asked to join. But the event is not open to the public because it is by invitation only. Tickets have been offered to people who belong to the University of Chicago, Northwestern, Loyola, Chicago State, Harold Washington College, Malcolm X College, Kennedy-King College, Columbia College, the University of Illinois at Chicago, Roosevelt University, DePaul University, Illinois Institute of Technology, and different minority organizations. Clearly, some things never change and the former President certainly has not.

This is just the first in a tour of other places the former President will be attending. In May he will be going to Boston, Massachusetts at the John F. Kennedy Library to receive his Profile in Courage award. A few weeks later he will be attending functions throughout Europe where he will give both paid and unpaid speeches. This includes Milan and Berlin to name a few. Because nothing screams out of touch liberals like a press tour across Europe. If he is giving any speeches they should all be in the United States considering this is where he lives and is a citizen.

One of the speeches will take place on May 27th and he will be accompanied by close friend and former political ally German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He will be giving a speech at Berlin’s famous Brandenburg Gate. It is not in the least bit surprising he is partaking on a speech tour shortly after his job ended. He cannot help but interact his opinion when it isn’t appropriate or wanted.

In all likelihood, the speech will be an opportunity for the failed president to make comments about the current administration in a veiled way in order to be able to have culpable deniability. Without actually commenting on the issues he is there in Chicago to discuss in the first place. Which is very similar to what he has done in the past. However, if and when he does that it will be contrary to what he promised President Trump. Which was to remain as quiet and silent as all former administrations had when there was a change of power. Then again President Obama never was really good at keeping any of his promises.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was well known for making hundreds of millions of dollars every year giving speeches to companies such as Goldman Sachs and Stanley Morgan. It very well may be that President Obama is following in her footsteps. But if that is the case he would do well to remember how things turned out for her.

There is an immense amount of irony in the President giving paid speeches considering he and his liberal cronies are constantly railing against the elite one percent. They take every opportunity they can to trash rich people. Yet they are the very thing they are trashing. They are going to be making hundreds of thousand of dollars giving ten-minute speeches. They should take a moment to look in the mirror and see what they really look like… hypocrites.

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