Obama Royally ENRAGED At What Liberal Governor Just Announced About Trump After Hurricane Harvey

The left has been rooting for President Trump to fail ever since he was elected, and even during a natural disaster nothing has changed much. These hateful liberals cannot stand the fact that Trump is in charge and is doing an excellent job. Trump has been proving to the nation that he is the strong leader that the rest of us knew he would be all along. That has been proven in the way that Trump has been handling the situation in Texas with the devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey. Now, this destructive hurricane has its eye set on the coast of Louisiana with a possible landfall this weekend. As the state braces for the storm and its potentially devastating impact, the liberal governor of Louisiana just made an announcement about Trump that will have Obama and his followers seething with anger.

Even during a crisis, the left is determined to continue bashing President Trump instead of focusing on unity. It appears that no matter what Trump does these angry leftists will always have something to complain about. Before the storm hit the coast of Texas, liberals on social media were already saying that Trump was inept to handle this massive storm. Even after Texas Governor Greg Abbott gave President Trump an A+ for his amazing leadership the left was still not satisfied. Those in the mainstream media then began to complain that Trump waited too soon to visit the victims and complain about the First Lady Melania Trump’s choice of footwear when leaving the White House.

Now, Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards of Louisiana has stepped forward to give President Trump a glowing review on left leaning news network CNN that most certainly has the left losing their minds.

Here is more from NOLA:

President Donald Trump called Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards on Thursday (Aug. 24) to check on preparations for Hurricane Harvey. Edwards said he appreciated the call and the president’s concern, and that FEMA had been particularly responsive to Louisiana’s requests.

“He wanted to make sure that any requests for assistance from the federal government were being met,” Edwards said of Trump.

Edwards disclosed the presidential call during his Harvey briefing Friday afternoon. He didn’t have much new information on how the storm might affect Louisiana. Harvey was expected to make landfall on the Texas coast early Saturday, causing devastating flooding there.

“Obviously, we are going to be the best neighbor that we can be as they evacuate,” Edwards said. He said he told Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Thursday that Louisiana would be willing to provide personnel and supplies if needed.

What Harvey will do after Texas landfall was unclear. In southwest Louisiana, people have been ordered out of parts of Cameron Parish, and Vermilion Parish advised people in certain areas to evacuate. Rain was expected to be a larger problem than the wind in Louisiana, Edwards said.

Officials agree there will be flooding in Lake Charles and other parts of southwest Louisiana. Edwards said some roads in that part of the state were already covered with water, and that storm surge from Cameron to St. Mary parishes was expected to be one to three feet. Wind might also stall the drainage of water in those areas.

Beyond that, however, Louisiana was in somewhat of a holding pattern until more information becomes available. “We have to continue to be patient and wait for the forecast to develop as it relates to a direct impact on Louisiana,” Edwards said,  “This is going to unfold under a number of days.”

Some forecast models show Harvey, after striking Texas, moving back into the Gulf of Mexico then hitting Louisiana directly. That’s what happened in 2001 with Tropical Storm Allison.

But there was no consensus on what will happen, Edwards said. “The forecast models for this storm are all in agreement as to what is going to happen between now and sometime early tomorrow morning,” Edwards said. “Following that, there is no agreement.”

“The worst-case scenario is that it goes back into the Gulf … and strengthens and comes to Louisiana,” the governor said. “All of that is possible, and we don’t know what it is going to do yet.”

The left wants President Trump to fail so badly, and his wild success is only making them angrier.  What is also making these leftist morons so livid is that people are seeing that he truly is a good guy that has America’s best interests in mind. Trump has been watching Hurricane Harvey and doing what he can to make sure that the governors in the states affected have what they need to help the citizens.

You know that even the most rabid liberals won’t admit that Trump is doing a good job, but deep down you know they are well aware of it.

H/T [ The Gateway Pundit ]


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