Obama Salutes Men Dressed As Women as Transgender ‘Mothers’

What in the hell??? Does Obama actually believe this stuff, or is he pandering to the LGBT crowd?

President Obama has worked tirelessly to assert that the mentally ill should not be able to retain their Second Amendment rights guaranteed to all Americans. This same administration has expanded the definition of “mental illness” to include any American veteran who does not directly handle their own VA issues.

However, as this president works to try and label law-abiding veterans as “mentally ill” so that his administration can revoke the irrevocable rights for which they valiantly fought to preserve, he is simultaneously working to legitimize the very-real mental illness of many Americans who are confused about their gender and the realities surrounding it.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Obama saluted transgender “mothers” in his annual Mother’s Day proclamation.

For those who are confused- which is understandable in this time of rampant relativism and obscene political correctness- this means that Obama saluted men who labor under the delusion that they are women and mothers.

“Regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status, mothers have always moved our Nation forward and remained steadfast in their pursuit of a better and brighter future for their children,” Obama wrote.

Next thing he’s going to tell us is that George Washington was a tranny.

The insistence that people can choose to be whatever they want despite the biological and social realities facing them is bound to confuse a generation of children who are being taught that basic realities and truths don’t matter when compared to how one feels.

Samuel B. Casey, general counsel of the Law of Life Project, blasted Obama’s rhetoric, saying,

“Now the ‘transgendered,’ if they have children, can be celebrated twice a year as their children prefer to think of them as either ‘mother,’ or ‘father,’ or both.” Such ambiguity, he said, is “confusing, but sufficiently inclusive to pass President Obama’s evolving politically correct proclamation of motherhood in America.”

This kind of nonsense has gone on long enough. If I declare myself a goat, that does not make it so. Similarly, a man in a dress is not a woman and certainly not a mother.

While an assertion to the contrary is understandably frustrating, what serves as a great danger to society is not the assertion by someone that they are a different gender, but the assertion by the radicalized left that the rest of society is obliged to validate this delusion as fact and those unwilling to do so are considered bigoted.

Via The Politistick

Look, mom! I’m standing in the garage! I’m a Lamborghini! I think Obama may have had that at some point in his life.

Libs are great at turning the natural order upside down to fit their idea of an uber-tolerant utopia where nothing is considered “morally” wrong, a society where all beliefs are subjective, and there is no objective truth. Truly insane!


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