Obama Says He Saved Ford, But FORD CEO Just Shut Him The Hell Up On LIVE TV!

There’s going to be a battle about everything as Obama exits and Trump enters. The White House better brace itself for a stormy night and and old school fist fight in the courtyard.

When Obama says one thing, then other people say differently. Obama claims to have saved Ford, perhaps as part of his auto bailout, but the Ford CEO just trashed Barry like it was nothing.

Obama claims that Ford increased the number of employees by about 28,000, quite a staggering number to take credit for. Think about it, that’s a LOT of jobs for one company. I couldn’t imagine being the human resource director in charge of these folks.

Watch what Obama Admin says:

But then we have Mark Fields, the FORD CEO, on MSNBC saying something completely different in contradiction to the Obama team claims. He gives a nod of confidence to Donald Trump, not to Obama, and mentions his plan to add 700 new jobs in the next four years.


Now listen to Ford CEO:

People think adding jobs might be easy, but you can only add jobs when there’s enough income to afford to pay for the job. You can only add jobs when there’s something that needs to be done, that others in the job can’t get done on their own.

When companies expand, that’s a time to add jobs. When companies have a bigger demand and need more supply created, that’s a time to add jobs.

So who is going to bring more jobs to the auto industry and help ensure the industry survives? I know one thing, if the consumers don’t have jobs, then they won’t have money to buy cars. Also, if the cars aren’t any good, then they won’t get sold. There’s a million variants to this scaffolding economic industry and everything needs to fall in place to create a prosperous nation for our hard working American citizens.

Now Look at this latest piece from MSNBC that contradicts the Ford CEO’s statement:

All of a sudden its Obama’s auto industry… Not so fast.
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