HOLY CRAP! Obama Wasted No Time, Look At His Latest SCAM To Screw America Over One Final Time!

So it’s happened. The Obamas have exited The White House and all is safe and well now, right?

No, not at all.

It would seem that the Obamas have taken some notes from the Clintons believe it or not, and have started their own ‘foundation’ conveniently called “The Obama Foundation”.

It really didn’t take the Obamas long to capitalize on the cash flow opportunity, now that the reins of the Presidency are off – not like it mattered (Obamacare, anyone?).

If this foundation models in any way, the foundation of the Clintons, folks can expect a little scamming of the people of this country, and others around the world, and of course, a little ‘pay to play’ play action from the very powerful.


There is one defined difference between the two foundations, though. The Obama Foundation is claiming to want to help up-and-coming politicians reach their goals. Now, who wants to bet that those would-be politicians are strictly progressive idealists like Barack himself?

Barack Obama made his goals very clear when he Tweeted out on the very same day of the inauguration:

He even showcased his shiny new website!…will it work better than healthcare.gov?

The headquarters of the foundation will be located right where Obama had his first taste of community organizing – the south side of Chicago. Will the foundation be a ‘success’? You better believe it. He had spent the last 8 years with his popularity on the 40 percentile range, and it was only this last election that saw him shoot up to the 60’s, due to the large disapproval rating of both 2016 candidates.

The Obamas are gone from The White House, yes, but you would have to be a complete fool to believe that they are gone from our lives…

They aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

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