Obama Scandal Escalates After Reporter Exposes White House Scrubbed Press Briefing Video

Earlier, Twitchy invited readers to watch in amazement as White House spokesperson Josh Earnest admitted during Monday’s press briefing that he couldn’t deny Obama administration officials had lied about the workings behind the Iran nuclear deal.

But wait: it appears someone has been busy with a shovel digging the State Department’s hole even deeper.

Did he lie to the nation? All signs point to “Yes.”

Fox News’ James Rosen became the news after he revealed that Eric Holder’s Justice Department had looked into his personal cell phone, his movements, and his Google emails, as well his parents’ phone records. (Holder’s really sorry about that, by the way.) Who knows what will happen now that he’s claimed the State Department edited a December 2013 video to remove his question to Jen Psaki about the Iran deal and her, um, dubious response?

Note that the State Department didn’t deny to Rosen that the video was altered, but rather said it was working to restore the missing bit.


Via Twitchy

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