Just After Flying Away Obama Promises To Screw America One Last Time With This Shocking Announcement

President Obama and his family are off to Palm Springs for their post-presidency family vacation. They will be back soon to their rented home in the wealthy Kalorama neighborhood of Washington D.C. The media is reporting that their new home is being outfitted for office suites for advisor Valerie Jarrett. The high profile advisor of the former administration will likely continue working on the projects the Obama have in store for their post-presidential legacy and community service work.

He is now a private citizen and will resume that life but will continue his charitable work – which is something he noted during his final press conference at the White House. He finished the conference standing side by side with his press secretary Josh Earnest. He gave out his final comments and well wishes on his official presidential twitter account before turning it back to his full name after the end of the inaugural ceremonies.

See them here,

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During some of his final interviews as well as Michelle Obama’s they discussed the Obama Centers they will be working on in the south side of Chicago, Illinois, as well as working to expand it to other cities across the United States.

He also made sure to tell reporters that he will become a private citizen and thus not be in the public eye as much. However, he reserved the right to speak out publically “if President Trump tries to systemically discriminate against specific groups of Americans.”

For the most part, President Trump and his administration have not commented on the former Presidents comments or promises. Considering all the hard work that is in front of them and all the problems that need fixing it would make sense why President Trump and his people would never comment on such trivial things.

Editor’s note: Get ready to fight because the racist pos Obama isn’t going anywhere.

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