Obama Sending More Troops Back To Iraq Where ISIS Just Used Mustard Gas

Even though everyone in the world knew that pulling the majority of our troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq at random was a terrible idea, Barack Obama did it anyway. And what happened was entirely predictable: Afghanistan descended into chaos, and most worryingly, a new terrorist group took over Iraq. ISIS has been ravaging the country, and so Obama has been forced to send more and more troops back to Iraq. And that’s happening again: 600 troops are being sent to Mosul to try to fight ISIS again.

It’s expected that ISIS will use mustard gas against our troops, the Pentagon said. They have been expecting the offensive from the United States military, and evidently, chemical warfare is the tool they want to use to fight back with. Navy Captain Jeff Davis, a spokesman for the Pentagon, said that ISIS is “dead set” on using chemical weapons to defend Mosul. It was believed that shells fired by ISIS towards U.S. troops already in country contained mustard gas, but that turned out to be untrue.

The suspected mustard gas attack is in addition to what ISIS is already planning, what Army Col. John Dorrian called a “living hell”. In addition to the improvised explosive devices, ISIS is filling trenches in Mosul with oil as well.

The troops are expected to mostly be working as trainers and enablers out of the logistics hub for the offensive of Qayyarah West airfield, approximately 40 miles southeast of Mosul. There are already 4,647 currently authorized for Iraq by Obama. Iraq Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi allegedly requested more troops. “In anticipation of the Mosul fight, the United States and the government of Iraq have agreed that additional U.S. and coalition capabilities could help accelerate the campaign at this critical phase,” Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said.

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