Obama Set Muslim Terrorist From GITMO Free, But Trump Who Just DELIVERED 500lbs of Justice For America

Right before Barack Obama left office he did his best to set free violent terrorists from GITMO. Of course, we were all pissed witnessing these terrorists being freed one after another, but what were we going to do? Thankfully, Trump was elected and he is not messing around with these extremists. So, it is pretty damn awesome to hear that one of those freed radicals was just served an epic dose of justice.

Isn’t great to hear when a bad guy finally gets what he deserves? For, years we had to watch Obama let these violent criminals walk free, but not anymore. On Monday, Captain Jeff Davis has confirmed that one of those terrorists has met his maker. Yasir al-Silmi was killed in a recent U.S. airstrike in Yemen. al-Silmi, who was also known as Mohammed Tahar, was a former resident at Camp GITMO from 2002-2009. Davis was not able to say why Tahar was released, but we have that information.

Al-Silmi also operated under the alias Mohammed Tahar.

However, according to memos released from the detention center from 2008, the Department of Defense warned that Tahar would “engage in extremist activities upon release. He has threatened personnel and continues to support jihad.” The Associated Press reported that Rear Admiral Mark Buzby, the commander at Guantanamo in that year, had raised Tahar’s risk level from “medium” to “high.”

So, is anyone truly surprised that Tahar returned back to a life of terrorism? Nope, not this gal. I sort of figured that out since he ran right back to Yemen.

Yemen is a known hotbed for terrorists which is why the military has been active there. There have been more than 40 airstrikes in the area over the past five nights, and I am sure they will continue. These terrorists have messed with the wrong guy and are now paying the ultimate price.

If you remember correctly, Obama wanted to close the doors of GITMO for good but was not able to. I wonder what Obama is thinking after seeing his plans blow up in his treasonous face. These people should have never been released in the first place, but their freedom has been short lived.

I hope the military continues with these strikes until these terrorists understand who is the boss.

H/T [ Fox News ]

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