Why are there so many homeless veterans compared to illegal aliens?

This is the question that makes absolutely no sense, but when you think about it the pieces begin to fall into place and it’s not looking good.  According to the 2013 Annual Homeless Assessment Report on any single night in 2013 there was an estimated 57,849 homeless veterans sleeping on the street. That’s a lot of people who have volunteered their lives to defend this country, and why isn’t our government stepping up to help them like they are for the illegal aliens?

Besides veteran’s One in 45 U.S. children experience homelessness each year, but like the veterans crisis President Obama has not addressed the issue and placed full focus on bettering the lives of the illegal aliens.

The Department of Veterans affairs is the main group that is tasked with defeating veteran homelessness. Could we have a worse case, they can’t even take care of healthy veterans let alone ones who need a ton of assistance. The federal government headed by President Obama has turned a blind eye to Americans while giving full care to people who not only broke the law but are not even citizens of this country. Let’s look at what the government has done for illegal aliens.

What has the government done for illegal aliens?

starting with Lackland Air Force base in San Antonio, could you imagine if a homeless veteran walked up to the gate requesting food, shelter, and clothing? They would probably get thrown in jail. How is it that a military base is providing superb care for hundreds of illegal aliens but the veterans themselves would never be offered care like this from their own fellow community?

A highly used excuse that has been tossed around is that homeless veterans need mental healthcare, and allegedly this makes it difficult to get them help. Well that’s ironic because at Lackland AFB illegal aliens were offered a behavioral treatment programs on taxpayers dime. The government makes tons of excuses to why they can’t help veterans, but we see no excuses to why they can’t help illegal aliens; things get better.

At lackland AFB camps are setup to care for illegals and their families. Notice the freshly dressed illegals.

There is no possible way the United States government could let droves of illegal immigrants live in tent cities or on the street like veterans do. They have spent millions on building infrastructure to house them in ‘suite accommodations‘. These ‘suites’ as the government has named them have new 32″ flat screen TV’s, free land line phone to call international, on-site medical and dental, private schooling for children, new AstroTurf soccer field, basketball courts, free food, and each person gets 6 new outfits with shoes all courtesy of the American taxpayers. Let’s not forget these facilities were just built as well and some are remodeled hotels.

This is the type of effort this administration has put forward to helping people who have broken the law, they aren’t refugees as a recently leaked intel report shows, they are criminals who violated our federal law.

Snubbing American’s

Thousands of illegal aliens are handed taxpayer funded food which was recently reported as being thrown in the garbage. We could have fed thousands of homeless veterans who remain in hunger every day, or even the 49 million Americans, including 15.9 million children who live in food-less households.

We’re just scratching the surface at the programs President Obama has made readily available to Illegal aliens, and one thing is clear, he uses every resource available to help illegal aliens, all while ignoring growing problems with Americans veteran community.

With the massive support we’ve seen from the government recently on the illegal alien crisis, we now know they can tackle any issue they desire, and it’s now obviously that the Obama Administration doesn’t have the desire to help our veterans


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