Obama Tells Black Kids Colleges Are “Hotbeds Of White Supremacy”

There truly needs to be a middle-ground between those who see racism no where, and those who see it everywhere.

Those in movements like Black Lives Matter and other so-called black “liberation” movements (what do they need to be liberated from?) are certainly among those who see racism everywhere. They’re quick to label anything they disagree with as “white supremacy,” that it’s practically lost all meaning.

Heck – they’ll even claim that people like George Zimmerman (who is Hispanic), and the Asian officer who shot Philando Castile had “internalized white supremacy,” which explains their actions. Even when white people aren’t pulling the trigger, it’s still whitey’s fault, apparently.

Where could they be getting these ideas from? Well, the POTUS is one pushing such a narrative.

Via The Federalist Papers

The Obama Administration is telling black kids that American colleges are “hotbeds” of white supremacy – but never fear. They have some advice.

On its Twitter feed, the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans links to a site on “The Root” titled “How to Survive, Be Safe and Thrive at a Predominantly White Institution.”

The article – in their subhead and the body of the story, discusses U.S. colleges and universities as “hotbeds of white supremacy” and gives advice on how black kids can succeed in such horrible, racist places.

“It is important for students of color to remember that predominantly white colleges and universities are still historically white,” says Elon Dancy, professor of education and associate dean for community engagement and academic inclusion at the University of Oklahoma and author of The Brother Code: Manhood and Masculinity Among African American Males in College.

“So while these institutions may ‘admit’ people of color, they still have ways of not accepting them,” he says. “We continue to see this in campus culture and climate data in which whites are overrepresented in university leadership, faculty and in the student body. Furthermore, for every overt racist incident we think of as long gone, there are thousands of contemporary violent acts often referred to as ‘microaggressions’ that seek to keep students of color ‘in their place.’ Until these institutions address these realities with deep, truly culturally responsive policies, the campuses will always be places to be survived.”

So what must one do to circumnavigate the hotbed of white supremacy that is a contemporary college campus populated by white bodies? How can a student of color thrive at an institution that merely tolerates one’s presence?

So apparently they’re surprised that in America, which is mostly white, our college students are mostly white. By the way, isn’t it a bit racist to fear college because most of the people have a different skin color?

That aside, this is a cruel and terrible message to send to black youth. If you teach people that the system is rigged against them, and that every roadblock can be attributed to an invisible force called “white supremacy,” why would they ever even try to get ahead?

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