Obama tells NPR he thinks America is actually LESS racially divided now than when he took office!!


In an interview with NPR that will be released fully later, Obama actually said that he believes America is less racially divided now than it was six years ago when he took office.

From NPR:

December 27, 2014; Washington, D.C. – In a year-end conversation with NPR News, President Obama told Morning Edition Host Steve Inskeep that low morale around race relations in the U.S. is exaggerated by the national conversation around recent violence and not an accurate reflection of the state of affairs around the country.

When asked if the U.S. is more racially divided than it was when he took office six years ago, the President responded: “No, I actually think that it’s probably in its day-to-day interactions less racially divided.”

Amazing. After the Trayvon Martin debacle and the various racially based protests around Mike Brown’s death and others, it’s just incredible that Obama would say race relations are better, especially when he’s done nothing to improve them, and done much to exacerbate them.

That’s odd because Americans say race relations are at their worst in a decade. It’s almost like Obama is either lying, or completely disconnected from Americans. Or both.

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