Obama Threatens Funding For Special Ed Kids If School Doesn’t Comply With Transgender Bathroom Edict

This man is a sick..evil bastard. How pathetic we allowed him into the white house. WTF is wrong with you people? No.. we don’t need trannies in our bathrooms or locker rooms. This is not normal..Nor should we allow this bastard to normalize it. He is truly an evil man.

From Downtrend

Barack Obama has threatened to pull federal funding from an Ohio school over its transgender bathroom policy.

Leigh Moore, a 14-year-old male student who identifies as female, has demanded access to the women’s restrooms, but the Highland Local School District denied. They allowed the student access to the individual staff bathroom, but it wasn’t good enough.  The Department of Education sent a letter to the school district at the end of March threatening to withhold federal funding because of the district’s “sex discrimination.” Now, the district has filed a lawsuit to challenge the Department of Education’s threat.

“The school is doing what they are required to do, which is to protect students privacy and safety and they are being penalized for doing what we all expect our schools to do,” Matt Sharp, legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, the Christian legal group representing the school, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. Read More


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