OBAMA THUG VIDEO: Obama’s Secret Service Agents Pay a Visit to Conservative Street Artist, Try to Scare Him


I loved the part where he tells the agents about taking sh!ts on Obama’s face and the agent nearly laughs, but smiles big!

IJ Review – Maybe you’ve seen SABO’s work. His street art depicts drones through the heads of Hollywood stars, makes Senator Ted Cruz look like a thug and converts Hillary Clinton into a flying monkey of Wizard of Oz fame.

Guess who else may have seen his images? Obama’s Secret Service.

The Secret Service, under the pretext of questioning him about identity theft, asked the artist for a meeting on Wednesday.

Agents asked the artist, among other things, about a tweet wishing that Lee Harvey Oswald would come back as a zombie. He also claims that they wanted to talk to him about tweets he sent before Gwyneth Paltrow’s DNC fundraiser, which President Obama attended:


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