Obama Thugs Savagely Beat US Navy Sailor, The SICKENING Reason Why Will Bring You to Your knees.

Disabled Navy Veteran, Garry Blough Jr., saw three guys beating up a turtle in Daytona. The three thugs were picking up the turtle and smashing it on the ground. There reportedly was a small audience, including children, watching in disgust and crying.

The brave Navy Vet vowed to put an end to the horrid and abusive attack. As he attempted to get them to leave the animal alone, so it wouldn’t be killed, the three lowlife losers began beating on Blough Jr.

His wife called the police and other neighbors ran outside to help diffuse the attack on the turtle and Navy Veteran.

A disabled Navy veteran was beaten up by three people as he tried to stop them from abusing a turtle, police said.

Garry Blough Jr. suffered a swollen eye out of which he can barely see and a bump on the back of his head in the attack, but he said he knew he had to do something when he saw two men abusing the animal.

“You don’t hit a woman, you don’t hit a child and you don’t hit an animal around me,” he said. “I won’t stand for it. That’s not right.”

Blough said he saw the men picking up the animal and smashing it into the ground outside his Daytona Beach apartment complex on Tuesday.

He said he, his wife and young daughter witnessed the attack.

“They’re seeing that, and plus, there are eight other children in the neighborhood all watching this, and they’re all in tears,” he said. “Every kid is crying.”

Police identified the three suspects as Ryan Ponder, 23, Johnnie Beveritt, 18, and Alfred Chico, 16.

This must be a case of three dirt-bags having a missing father and a mother who spent the last ten years on her cell phone and the weave shop trading her welfare cards for new hair. If they had fathers, then they probably beat their kids. There’s no way in hell these people had caring parents. If they did, they would have more compassion for animals. Who sees an animal and thinks “I want to kill it” – a sick demented parent-less child? This behavior is sick and it’s learned in the household.

Taking a picture, petting, or painting a turtle shell is OK. These guys were slamming it on the ground to crack the shell and kill the animal. Don’t tell me they were cooking turtle soup. Not falling for that one bit. You don’t beat up a Navy Vet to make soup.

The three scumbags are too damaged to be in public and they can enjoy their life in prison. I hope the judge comes down hard and makes them register as animal abusers. Animal abusers should be treated the same as sex abusers. When you’re committing a crime this sick, what’s the difference? The judge who handles their case should force them to be sterilized. You don’t want this violent and abusive DNA procreating. No thanks. Don’t need more animal abusers born into the world.

I wouldn’t want these creeps as my neighbor, that’s for sure.

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