Obama Told This Army General To Keep ‘God’ Out of D-Day Ceremony

Retired Army Lieutenant General William “Jerry” Boykin, who works as a public speaker, has been specifically asked to not attend a D-Day ceremony because of his religious beliefs.    Michael Weinstein, leader of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, called the Retired Army Lieutenant General a islamaphobe and a Christian zealot who called for his immediate removal from the event. Apparently President Obama was ok with a retired veteran being treated this way.

The organization Weinstein represents is considered rather leftist and advocates for the removal of the Bible from the “Missing Man” displays at all veterans hospitals.


The ceremony was a prayer breakfast to be held on Monday at the Fort Riley, Kansas military base. Rusty Humphries, a radio talk show host, asked Boykin about the incident on Trending Today USA. Boykin responded,

“Well this is the condition of our military today.”

The base commander refused to stand up to Weinstein and bowed down to his demands. As a result, Boykin’s D-Day ceremony appearance was cancelled. Nothing else could be done about it.

Boykin further commented on the matter,

“They’re robbing the soldiers at Fort Riley of their First Amendment rights. They’re robbing these soldiers of their First Amendment rights and this is the condition of Obama’s military. This is what you should expect. This is what your sons and daughters are living with every day in a military that is now suppressing their First Amendment rights.”

He went on,

“It’s part of the environment that Obama has created here in America. When my talk gets canceled there, what you’ve done is you’ve robbed all of those people who wanted to come to that prayer breakfast and hear what I had to say, you robbed them of their First Amendment rights and this is what we’re seeing all over our military today and it’s a result of the environment that Obama has created.”

Boykin clearly lays the responsibility on President Obama and he’s right to do so. We live in such a politically correct society now, a retired war hero cannot even take part in a prayer breakfast because people don’t like his outspoken Christianity. This is what the Presidemt supports. Shame on him.

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