Obama Tried To Hide A Shocking Thing He Said About Trump 25 Years Ago That Just Came Back To Haunt Him

As president for eight disastrous years, Barack Hussein Obama deliberately set out to destroy and undo everything that made America great. His entire campaign platform was structured on erasing American history and creating his own vision.

When Donald Trump destroyed Hillary Clinton — Obama’s prized jewel — in the 2016 presidential election, it hurt Obama more than many people know. Obama has not been on vacations and enjoying time off as the mainstream media wants you to believe.

He has been plotting and planning a comeback to lead the uprising against the Trump administration. Who else has been behind all of these violent uprising, “protests,” and violent town halls where Republican lawmakers are being ambushed?

As badly as he talks about president Trump, who continues to do a fantastic job in office despite historical obstruction from leftists throwing temper-tantrums, Obama once argued that being Donald Trump was the “American Dream.”

A new report from Vice News shows that when Obama was graduating from law school, he wrote a paper where he made the case for “being Donald Trump.”

In 1991, Barack Obama was 29 years old and about to graduate from Harvard Law School. That year, he penned a paper with his buddy Robert Fisher called “Race and Rights Rhetoric” where he summed up the average American mindset in one rather brutal and prescient sentence: “I may not be Donald Trump now, but just you wait; if I don’t make it, my children will.”

That excerpt of that previously unpublished law school paper, and much more, is inside Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama, the behemoth new 1,460-page biography of Obama that focuses on his early years. Although the New York Times called the book “a bloated, tedious and… ill-considered book that is in desperate need of editing, and way more exhausting than exhaustive,” it has at least a few interesting tidbits, including a young Obama’s thoughtful analysis of the American psyche’s Trumpian desires.

In “Race and Rights Rhetoric,” Obama and Fisher argued that the civil rights rhetoric of the 1960’s although “a vehicle for black liberation… has impeded, rather than facilitated [achieving] black empowerment.” When Obama and Fisher analyzed the pitfalls of the American dream, both among the white majority and African-Americans, they wrote:

[Americans have] a continuing normative commitment to the ideals of individual freedom and mobility, values that extend far beyond the issue of race in the American mind. The depth of this commitment may be summarily dismissed as the unfounded optimism of the average American—I may not be Donald Trump now, but just you wait; if I don’t make it, my children will.

Obama’s later speeches very much echo this view: He continuously emphasized the “language of opportunity” during his swift political rise. At the 2004 Democratic National Convention, the moment Obama became a national figure, he said, “My parents shared not only an improbable love; they shared an abiding faith in the possibilities of this nation.”

Did you catch that?

Obama said he wanted to not only be Donald Trump but that everything he stood for and accomplished was what all Americans should strive for in life. It sounds like Trump was Obama’s hero, mentor, and idol — which is so ironic given he tries to act tough in public and act like he doesn’t like Trump.

The mainstream media is trying to spin this as Obama wanted African-Americans to “shift away from rights rhetoric and towards the language of opportunity,” arguing that “America is a racist society … we cannot realistically expect white America to make special concessions towards blacks over the long haul.”

Obama’s best accomplishment is office was creating the racial divide in America — he is undeniably the Race-Baiter-in-Chief. Whether he was taking the side of Black Lives Matter over our police officers or telling America that if he had a son, he would have looked like Trayvon Martin — Obama was always making every issue about race. We still see this tactic with Democrats today.

Barack Obama will never admit that he once wanted to be Donald Trump because it hurts him politically now. Obama is the first United States president to remain in Washington, D.C. after leaving the White House since Woodrow Wilson. That isn’t a coincidence: he is there to influence politics and lead another uprising in this country.

Let’s expose him for not only damaging this country but for openly admitting how badly he wants to be Donald Trump!

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