Obama Admits How He Really Felt When Trump Kicked Hillary’s Ass During Election

In one of his final interviews as President for NBC President Obama said some striking things about Secretary Hillary Clinton. President Obama said he was genuinely surprised when she lost the presidential election.

It was Lester Holt who was conducting the interview when he asked the President on Air Force One about his authentic reaction to the loss. Holt asked the following of Obama,

“Tell me what happened that night, watching those results when you realized that Donald Trump was going to win. Was there an unvarnished Barack Obama at that moment?”

The President took a moment to pause, think and respond with the following response,

“There was just surprise. Generally speaking, not just me but my team have been pretty good at seeing something coming and partly just because the polling was so off, the data was off, there was a surprise. You know, I think the president elect would be the first to acknowledge that he didn’t run a conventional campaign. And it’s not clear that he or his team thought they were going to win. So, I think more than anything it was just surprise.”

The entirety of Holt’s interview with the President will air on Friday night.

His comments are not all that shocking considering the behavior of Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff on the night of her loss. They did not succeed the election in the early hours of the morning despite the overwhelming electoral votes indicating Trump had won. It was not until later in the afternoon the next day that Clinton finally withdrew and acknowledged that Donald Trump had won. Clearly the surprise of her loss was not just felt by the President.

While this is one of the President’s final interviews he had his final farewell speech as President in Chicago, Illinois last night where he said farewell with his family, the Vice President and his family as well as thousands of others.

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