Obama Is PISSED! LOOK Who Just Accepted Their Invitation To Speak At Trump Inauguration!

Earlier this morning the New York Post reported that the transition team for the President Elect is aggressively going after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel to attend the inauguration. This is the same Prime Minister who was just stabbed in the back by President Obama when he spearheaded a resolution effort to strip Israel of their sovereign land in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Donald Trump has been a staunch supporter of Netanyahu’s and has made it clear he does not agree with what what the President has orchestrated behind our allies back. One source close to the transition team told the Post the following about the Prime Minister’s possible attendance,

“There’s a plan for Trump to meet with Netanyahu. They’re talking all the time. And Netanyahu is talking about going to the inauguration.”

The source indicates it was Trump staffers who were led by Donald Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner who have been attempting to persuade the Israeli prime minister into coming.

Donald Trump told reporters last week that he believes Israel was being treated very unfairly. Furthermore, that he looked forward to working with the Prime Minister towards a better friendship. Ensuring things will be different under a Trump presidency. In response to the Israeli resolution in the United Nations Donald Trump tweeted out the following,

5eb53c00-1f1e-478b-b346-b18b025639e3-2856-0000045a10b1b5cd_tmp 48f95b1b-b651-4da2-bfe0-3c1916017245-2856-0000045a656a4b2b_tmpConsidering the current President’s actions against Israel it is very clear he is no fan of Netanyahu. Because of the resolution it is probably a given that Netanyahu is no fan of Obama’s. Thus, his attendance at the inauguration has got to be a burn for the President. A massive slap in the face if nothing else.

Donald Trump will strengthen our relationship with all of our allies. Israel, Great Britain, France, and all the rest. He will right the wrongs that President Obama has created and caused and heal our country.

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