REVEALED: Here’s What Obama Is Doing RIGHT When Trump Gets Into Office

Custom and tradition indicate that outgoing presidents on their final days in office get one last ride on Air Force One upon leaving. For example, President George W. Bush flew with his family to Midland, Texas for one final trip home.

Now we are finding out Obama will be flying AF1 one last time, also. And in an apparent f*ck you to Trump, he’ll be doing it immediately After Trump is inaugurated.

Josh Earnest, the president’s Press Secretary reminded the press core that the first family will remain in Washington D.C. for the sake of their youngest daughter Malia who will be continuing her high school education. They are renting an upscale home in the upper-class section of the metro area. However, Earnest refused to say where the first family will take their final flight.

The aircraft they will be using is identical to Air Force One which is a modified Boeing 747. They are known as VC-25s. The name of the plane will not be Air Force One but something different as that plane is used for sitting presidents. The President did say the following about the plane,

I’m going to be honest with you – one of the best parts of being President is having your own plane. And I’m going to miss it. A lot.”

While many thought their vacation to Hawaii was their final Air Force One trip it appears this is not the case. It will be news to everyone when we all find out. But regardless of where they choose to go everyone will be taking a collective sigh of relief to know they will be leaving the White House.

At least once Donald Trump takes office fewer taxpayer dollars will be wasted on the plane since he has one of his own and has formerly expressed his intention to use it for his presidential duties. Time will tell.

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