Obama Is P*SSED!! Donald Trump Just Did Something No President Has EVER Done Before…

Donald Trump just made history. He’s done something no other President (elect) has ever done.

Donald Trump has elected FIVE WOMEN to his cabinet, which apparently is the most in American history. That’s not really a lot of women though, is it? As long as they can do the job, then they’re good enough for me. It’s not like they’re fighting fires or trying out to be quarterback for the 49er’s, which at this point would rather have a woman behind center.

Trump’s historic five women cabinet is as follows:

  1. Nikki Haley – ambassador to UN

  2. Elaine Chao – secretary of transportation

  3. Betsy Devos – secretary of education

  4. Linda McMahon – head of small business administration

  5. Cathy McMorris Rodgers – secretary of the interior

Five women elected so far and they’re not all pearly white Caucasians like the liberals wish they were.

Haley has Indian parents and Chao is Asian. That’s two non-white women already elected to Donald Trump’s cabinet of people who will help run America and they’re NOT WHITE GUYS?

I thought Donald Trump was a sexist and a bigot? How do these women fit in the leftist narrative of hating Trump for everything?

You know who’s mad? Besides Hillary…

Obama might be really mad about this. Trump isn’t even President yet and he’s already set a historic milestone.

Why didn’t Obama pick this many women to help run his country. Is Obama the sexist? Is he a bigot?

Do you think Obama would be mad at this accomplishment because he didn’t do it, or because it’s Trump? Would leftists be mad if any other person was the President elect? Let’s say Jeb Bush won the 2016 election – would people be mad if HE did this? Or would they congratulate him on accomodating women in the workforce?

If people wouldn’t be mad at another candidate for doing the same thing, then why would they be mad at Trump?

Is it because Trump isn’t your normal seasoned veteran politician? He’s just some guy with orange hair who stomped on his competition like he’s a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar dunking on an Asian five-year-old?

What is it about Donald Trump that makes the left tick so bad that they run to their safe spaces and safety-pin each other at a cry-in?

What is it?

Tell us in the comments what you think of Donald Trump’s selection of five women to his Presidential cabinet.

Also tell us why Trump triggers the left so bad, because I cannot wait to read your opinions on that.

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