This Is Low: Obama Just Passed This New Ban On Trump Tower

Despite the presidential election being finished the list of never ending games that politicians play goes on. There is some enlivening details that have come to the public attention about Donald Trump’s official presidential residence. This new information will bother some. The Federal Aviation Administration has officially made the Trump Tower a no fly zone. Which means planes cannot file below 2,999 feet in the air within the two mile radius over Trump Tower.

This could be correlated to the fact that the President Elect is rumored to already be discussing staying at Trump Tower part time and splitting the other half of the time in the White House. Thus his other residence would have to be safe too.

It is rather odd that he is considering splitting his time in New York. The bulk of work to be done as President is done in Washington D.C., the nation’s Capitol. The place where all the important work is done. Thus, living in New York part time would be quite unproductive and inefficient to say the least.

But this also is likely connected to the fact that all these liberal fanatics have taken to the street in protest for Donald Trump’s presidential election. Which is absolutely ridiculous. The election is over, there is nothing anybody can do about it, he was elected president anymore. Protesting and rioting in the streets does absolutely nothing productive. And the public destruction is absolutely uncalled for.

Except cause more problems. Such as an unwanted no fly zone. In a place like New York City that is likely to cause issues considering the intensely large amount of air traffic that it has to deal with in the first place. But it would not be a good day if liberal protesters were not complaining about something that Donald Trump did.

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