BREAKING: Obama TICKED After U.S. Steel CEO Makes MAJOR Announcement After Trump Win

Are you tired of winning yet?

Donald Trump negotiated a deal with Carrier that would save over 1,000 manufacturing jobs in the U.S. from going to Mexico, and he’s just getting started. In the words of one Carrier employee whose a lifelong Democrat, Trump has done more for them in three works than Obama did in nine months (when the now-reversed layoffs were announced).

And he’s not even President yet! When he becomes President, he won’t have to be negotiating individual deals, he can cater tax policy to the best interests of the American manufacturing industry.

One industry that’s been on the decline in America is our steel industry, but that’s about to change. While fewer than 100,000 Americans are now employed in the steel industry, the CEO of U.S. Steel is ready to bring back a significant amount of jobs.

As the US herald reported:

U.S. steel CEO Mario Longhi recently announced that he would be willing to bring back up to 10,000 jobs to America because of the positive outlook that the Trump administration has created for America.

Many companies have negative outlooks on the ability to compete within U.S. borders due to the extremely restrictive and overbearing air pollution and water standards that are hurting the United States economy.

These regulations are so over the top that it’s gone beyond just protecting the environment. Obama has made it so that companies have to pay to actual improve the environment around them.

Longhi talks about how his company actually has to treat the water used by his company so that it is cleaner that what can be found in nature.

Watch below:

Speaking of regulation insanity, Obama set a record last month for the largest number of regulations added in a single day – 527 pages worth! That brings Obama’s 2016 total to 81,640 pages of regulations. In 2010, Obama executed 81,405 pages of regulations for the year. Thus far in 2016 he has already surpassed that by 235 pages.

That comes with an enormous compliance cost to business. Given that it increases their costs of production, and interferes with their operations, it’s practically a tax by another name (which in the end, is just as bitter).

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