While We Were All Focused On Trump’s White House, Obama Quietly Did THIS Yesterday

Not long after passing the torch onto Donald Trump, Barack Obama was spotted adventuring with billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson.

It was great to finally see Obama enjoying himself on a vacation that it wasn’t the American taxpayer on the hook for. In all, we spent $100 million on the man’s vacation time.

For the most part, the media has been devoting their attention to the new POTUS. All of a sudden they’ve learned how to be critical journalists, despite being as kind as they could do the president the prior eight years.

Of course, Obama’s days in politics are far from over. Remember – he’s the first president since Woodrow Wilson who will be remaining in Washington D.C. following serving in the presidency. That’s for a reason.

And while our eyes were all on Trump, as Truth Monitor reported:

With chaos erupting in Washington D.C., Barack Hussein Obama took the opportunity to quietly slip away for a trip to his home city of Chicago, Illinois.

The Chicago Sun Times reported that Obama visited Chicago for the first time since leaving office on Wednesday to look over plans for the Obama Center, which is set to be built in Jackson Park. The former president had a busy day of four meetings, the first of which was with community leaders on the South Side at the Foundation’s Hyde Park offices.The other three meetings pertained to what will be a massive fundraising drive to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for the Center.

The meetings were also attended by Obama’s major benefactors, Jim and Lester Crown, and his former Commerce secretary, Penny Pritzker, and her husband, Bryan Traubert.

“There was great enthusiasm from the civic leaders about the opportunity to work with the Foundation,” said former senior Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett. “Those with whom President Obama met have long and deep ties to the community. It was important to the President to communicate how important they are to the success of the Center.”

An Obama center….. how exciting.

I imagine whatever parts of his legacy they decide to highlight won’t include the $20 trillion national debt, record-setting addition of regulations, disastrous healthcare plan, or the rise of ISIS.

Obama is going to try to keep his influence by working for a portfolio of progressive nonprofits, with the most significant being Organizing for Action (which used to be called Organizing for America during his 2008 campaign). The group now boasts 250 offices, and an army of 32,000 members. He’ll be the man behind the curtain pulling the strings.

I guess this means an aging George Soros will soon have a replacement…

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